Pottstown ARC 6M nets on the air!

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Submitted by Steve K3ALV:

Please spread the word across the tri-state area about a resurgence of operations in the Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club W3ZMC on both 6M USB and 6M AM. We have gathered some exceptional interest and a sincere desire to “bring back the good old TUBE days”.

These nets meet every Wednesday:

“The Magicians Net” (AM)

8:30pm Wednesdays

50.130 MHz USB

Net control: Leonard, WV3P

“The Mini Boat Anchor Net” (SSB)

9pm Wednesdays

50.400 MHz AM

Net Control: Steve, K3ALV

Both nets are very informal and are geared toward low power, tube based radios, and homebrew antennas. The most interesting ideas come from the reminiscing about the fun we had in the good old days. OH THE STORIES!!

Spread the word!

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