Listen for K3R at SCOTA – July 14-20

Scout Camps on the Air (SCOTA) runs July 14-20. Please try to contact BSA Troop 44 of Lititz, PA while we’re at summer camp in Maryland. Our callsign will be K3R. See this flyer link for details, times and frequencies.

This will be the first-ever activation of Rodney Scout Reservation through the Scout Camps on the Air (SCOTA) program. We’ve registered the special event call sign K3R and hope you’ll be interested in getting us in your log book. Provided that everything works out we’ll have Scouts operating third-party for QSO.

Note, SCOTA is not a contest, The purpose of SCOTA is to increase exposure of amateur radio to the Scouting organization in hopes of fostering interest in the hobby of ham radio, teaching technical skills with regard to radio operating and creating goodwill among fellow Scouts and amateur radio Operators alike. Check it out at

Mike Newman | K3MJN, Scoutmaster
BSA Troop 44 – Lititz, PA

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