K3RF’s petition to run for the Director’s position in the upcoming election for ARRL Atlantic Division denied!

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Bob Famiglio, K3RF, recently decided to run for the Atlantic Division Director position after serving over two years as Vice Director.

After receiving more than double the required member signatures required to be a candidate in the upcoming election, and forwarding his candidacy petition to the League he received a surprising letter  from the ARRL CEO, Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, in which Tom notified Bob that his petition to be a candidate for Atlantic Division Director in the upcoming election had NOT been approved by the Ethics and Elections committee..

The letter from Gallagher gave no reason as to why the petition was denied, only citing some undisclosed “conflict of interest”. He was surprised that this letter came from the CEO rather than the actual Ethics and Elections committee and has since sent letters to the Ethics and Elections committee and League Officials requesting a clarification as to the nature of this “conflict of interest” but they did not respond.

Bob is currently a Vice Director for the ARRL Atlantic Division, a long time volunteer legal counsel, and former Eastern Pennsylvania Section Manager, and has also served as aan EPA county EC and District 1 EPA DEC.