News from EPA-ARRL Affiliated Clubs and other items of interest to our membership.

EPA Affiliated Clubs are Radio Active

September ACC Report

EPA Clubs on the air during Pope’s visit to U.S.

The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, visited Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia for 6 days. During that time members of the Frankford Radio Club, the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, the Potomac Valley Amateur Radio Club, the Great South Bay Amateur Radio Club, as well as a non-club group in Philadelphia were on the air with special event callsigns. While the final number of contacts was not in as of this writing, it is known that over 20,000 contacts were made during this special event. While Philadelphia was hosting the World Meeting of Families, a large family of amateur radio operators from around the world was gathering on the air.

A major PR effort was coordinated by EPA ACC & PIO WA3PZO. A methodical release of information went to amateur radio clubs in the Atlantic and Hudson Divisions and Virginia. Additional releases went to the national and international amateur radio press as well as non-amateur publications.

Interested in promoting an event to Clubs in EPA, the state, or beyond? Contact WA3PZO at ARRL.Net.

It’s PA QSO Party time

The 2015 Pennsylvania QSO Party is October 10 and 11. The object is for Pennsylvania stations to contact as many other stations as possible. The exchange is a serial number and your county. There is also a club category so have your club members indicate your club name when submitting your results. More info can be found at:

PA County Hunting Awards

The Pennsylvania Keystone Award, sponsored by the Harrisburg Radio Amateur Club, was created to promote two way contact with Amateur Radio stations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The award is given to amateurs who directly contact 100 different Pennsylvania amateur radio stations.  No retransmitted contacts may be counted, including repeater and digital retransmissions, of course.  Applying is easy – no QSL cards are required.  If you already have a PKA certificate in your shack you can earn endorsements for it as well. Additional info:

The Pennsylvania 67 Challenge, sponsored by the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, challenges operators to work 20, 40, 60, or 67 PA Counties. This is a get on the air type award and allows newcomers to earn an award with minimal effort.  Additional info:

In addition a 67 County Plaque is available for working all 67 Pennsylvania counties during the PA QSO Party.  Additional info:

ARRL Affiliated Club updates now immediately viewable

ARRL has updated the club annual report website. When you submit the club annual report, the information is now viewable immediately. Before you had to wait for it to be processed and posted to the web site.

ARRL SSC banner flag being shipped

ARRL is in the process of shipping a new banner flag to Special Service Clubs. Club contacts will receive an email from ARRL PubSales with shipping information.


August 31, 2015 Mix of activities for the month…

1) Assisted 2 clubs with updating their affiliation.

2) Provided info on new ACC and SSC logos to club newsletter editors

3) Provided info to EPA SSCs about SSC banner that will be mailed to them from HQ.

4) Working with 4 clubs (Holmesburg & FRC (EPA), PVRC (MDC), and Great South Bay ARC (NLI)) on special event stations for Pope Special Event operation. Been primarily working PR. Sent press release to all affiliated club newsletter editors in Atlantic & Hudson Division & Virginia. Been working the national and international news outlets. Assisted with story on KYW radio.

5) Assisted 1 EPA ham with VUCC award info (I’m a card checker for WAS and VUCC).




August 27, 2018  ARRL recently introduced new logos for Affiliated Clubs and Special Service Clubs.

They can be seen and downloaded at

Since many of you use the Club logos on your newsletter this would be a good time to switch to the new design.

Also please pass word onto your club webmaster or others that might use the logo.

August 18, 2015  Tamaqua Wireless Association and the Tuscarora Amateur Radio Association club info has been updated on the ARRL web site.

(See article here)


(June 14, 2015) New Club Affiliation – Philadelphia Digital Radio Association. Welcome on board; Special Service Club renewals – Columbia-Montour ARC, Harrisburg Radio Amateur Club, RF Hill ARC.

Reminder that annual reports must be filed each year and Special Service Club renewals must be filed every 2 years. Interested in becoming a Special Service Club contact WA3PZO.

Field Day – One of the biggest operating events of the year is coming up on June 27-28. Have you done your part to promote the hobby?

Make sure you have your club site listed on the ARRL  You must be logged into the ARRL website for your Field Day entry to be automatically posted on the Field Day Locator. If you are not logged in, your site will not be listed on the Field Day locator until it is reviewed by ARRL staff.

This site has been referenced in several news media contacts, including the Philadelphia area. We don’t know if the site will be mentioned in the news coverage, but it is best to be prepared so the public can find your Field Day location.

Just a few days later several EPA clubs will be participating the 13 Colonies Special Event, June 30 – July 5 at midnight EDT.  WM3PEN operation in the Philadelphia area will be on HF, VHF/UHF, and DSTAR. This is a combined effort of 6 clubs. Also K2M will be on the air representing Pennsylvania in the event.

Until next time,



EPA ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator



(March 31, 2015) On-the-air activities will keep clubs  busy

 H.R. 1301

The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015 — H.R.1301 — has been introduced in the US House of Representatives. The measure would direct the FCC to extend its rules relating to reasonable accommodation of Amateur Service communications to private land use restrictions. Amateurs are urged to contact their US House members and ask them to sign on to the bill as a co-sponsor. More info at:

Upcoming Club events

It may be the beginning of Spring, but for many amateurs in EPA they are planning operating events for the rest of the year. June 13-15 is the ARRL VHF Contest. For those that don’t have SSB or CW capability on VHF there is a FM only category. For more details  see

June 27-28 is the ARRL Field Day. Many clubs will be on the air.

Just a few days later several EPA clubs will be participating the 13 Colonies Special Event, June 30 – July 5 at midnight EDT. Watch for more info as the WM3PEN operation in the Philadelphia area will be on HF, VHF/UHF, and DSTAR. This is a combined effort of 6 clubs.

Then October 10-11 is the Pennsylvania QSO Party.

October 16-18 is the annual Scouting Jamboree on the Air (JOTA).

The Boy Scout JOTA page suggests that your local club may be able to direct you to its planned JOTA activities. These can include ham stations set up at camporees or other events. Or, if there are no planned activities, you can either work with them to get something set up or arrange to visit a local radio operator’s ham shack at a scheduled time to participate in JOTA.

Do you know of an active scout leader in your club? The ARRL Amateur Radio Service to Scouting Award was officially recognized by the Boy Scouts of America in 2014. The award recognizes actively involved Scouting leaders who make a significant contribution to providing Scouts with a memorable and valuable Amateur Radio experience. Nominations can be found at

School Club Roundup – October 19-23.  This event is not just school clubs, but all clubs. The objective is to exchange QSO information with club stations that are part of an elementary, middle, high school or college. Non-school clubs and individuals are encouraged to participate.  More info:

Benefits to ARRL Affiliated Clubs

In March – 17 Clubs updated their annual reports. 3 updated their SSC reports. Welcome to 2 newly affiliated clubs – the Extreme Team Contest Club, KW3B, and the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club, KC3EDS.

By being an ARRL Affiliated Club you are entitled to several benefits by keeping your club annual report up to date. Here are two of them:   League Headquarters, in addition to providing a basic package of information to a prospective ham, will refer prospects to your club for follow-up and recruitment. And your club will be listed in ARRLWeb‘s club search database.

New amateurs in your area? Recent upgrades? New and lapsed ARRL members?

Another benefit to affiliated clubs is access to monthly reports on new amateurs, recent upgrades, and new and lapsed ARRL members. The list is restricted to Club Presidents, Club Contacts and Club Newsletter Editors.

In addition this summer the EPA Section will initiate a Welcome Wagon program. Each month a welcome message will be sent to new ARRL members in EPA. Your club or ARES unit can help deliver these Radiograms, as a neighbor welcoming them to the League and make new friends. It’s also the perfect time to invite them to your next meeting and meet the whole gang. More info can be found at:


(March 19, 2015) Welcome to newest ARRL Affiliated Clubs in EPA

Two EPA club’s application for affiliation were recently approved by the ARRL. Welcome to the Extreme Team Contest Club, KW3B, and the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club, KC3EDS.

The Extreme Team Contest Club meets in Lancaster and the Wayne County Amateur Radio Club meets in Waymart.

There are now 59 ARRL affiliated clubs in EPA.


(March 12, 2015) EPA Clubs finish in top spots in the School Club Roundup

Two EPA Clubs placed in the recently concluded School Club Roundup. K3BSA, SPARK Lodge ARC, placed 4th and WM3PEN, Holmesburg ARC, placed 6th nationally in the non-school category. Congratulations on working with youth on the air.


(March 1, 2015) This month congratulations to the Warminster Amateur Radio Club, one of 6 Special Service Clubs in EPA.

The Warminster Amateur Radio Club (WARC) was honored on February 19th, 2015 by the Warminster Township Board of Supervisors in recognition of the club’s 50 years of community service as a valuable resource to the township and its citizens.

The Warminster Township Supervisors recognized Warminster Amateur Radio Club’s contribution to the community for:

  • Organizing and providing services to improve emergency and public service communications between residents, public officials and Emergency Management Services.
  • Providing courses, coaching and assistance to residents interested in becoming a licensed Amateur Radio operator.
  • Providing a club owned and operated station with HF, VHF and UHF capabilities for the purposes of emergency communications and public services.
  • Being recognized as a valuable resource by many local and national relief organizations.
  • And making the club’s personnel, equipment and resources available to the township for more than 50 continuous years of operation.

In addition WARC members provided a successful contact between Council Rock High School in Bucks County and the International Space Station.  Additional info can be found in the Warminster ARC newsletter Feedback.

School Club Roundup

Last month the SPARK LODGE Amateur Radio Club, K3BSA, and the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, WM3PEN, participated in the School Club Roundup.  While the event focuses on schools, there are opportunities for Clubs to be involved. The next SCR is October 19 -23. Watch for possible rule changes.

ARRL Annual Report and Special Service Club updates

ARRL has reported some problems with the on-line annual report and Special Service Club updates. They are taking longer to process than the 3 business days mentioned on the ARRL website.  If you submit a report, let WA3PZO that you have submitted it so it can be tracked.

In February – 19 of 57 EPA clubs updated their annual report  (24 in 2015)

  • 32 of 57 clubs have current annual reports (3/14 – present)
  • 9 clubs need to update the annual report (2/14-2/15)
  • 16 clubs last filed their annual report between 2010-2013.
  • 6 clubs are currently listed as a Special Service Clubs (SSC) 13 clubs need to submit an application to renew their SSC.