Temporary Time Change for Eastern PA Emergency Phone and Traffic Net starts January 1 2017

The following was received from the new Eastern PA Emergency Phone and Traffic Net Manager, W3GWM.

Due to band conditions and an expected increase in the Solar Wind, we will temporarily move the EPAEPTN starting time to 1730 EST on January 1st, 2017.  When conditions return to normal as Spring approaches and the days become longer, we will resume operations at 1800 EST.

Also, due to persistent QRM, it may be necessary to shift the net frequency. If you don’t hear the net on 3917 KHz, tune up or down 1 KHz and listen for the net. The NCS scheduled for each day’s session will determine if a shift in frequency is necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation.


George Miller W3GWM

EPAEPTN Net Manager (effective January 1st, 2017)

Note: There is a new web site for the EPAEPTN: http://www.epaeptn.net

73 from me! WT, WN3LIF