PAARC 2016 Member Night Awards 

Six club members were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Club (PAARC) at their Dec. 2nd meeting in Limerick, PA:

– Jim Steiner, W3BWD, was honored for his service as a founding member of the Pottstown Area Repeater Team, the precursor to PAARC. Jim housed the 2M repeater at his home for eighteen years, and has been a contributing member for over four decades.  
– Lisa Stauffer – KB3YUB was honored as the club’s facilities liaison, and for delighting members by providing refreshments at meetings.


Four PAARC Net Control Operators were honored for their service in providing weekly nets that build community, and contribute to the development of operating skills and greater enjoyment of the hobby for a growing number of area amateurs.  Learn more about PAARC nets:
– Ed Leshinskie, K3BVQ, a founding club member and net control for multiple PAARC nets, including a 2M, 10M and CW practice net.  
– Dennis Dolhanczyk, KA3RIX – 220 MHz Repeater Net, Tues. at 7:30 pm EST on 224.020 MHz
– Leonard Miller, WV3P – 6M Magician’s Net, Wed. at 8:30 pm EST on 50.130 MHz


– Steve Sobota, W3ALV – AM 6M Mini Boat Anchor Net, Wed. at 9:00 pm EST on 50.400 MHz