November NTS News

By Tom Mills AF4NC, Assistant Section Manager and Section Traffic Manager EPa Section

The year has almost come to an end. This past year has brought many changes and its time for us to look forward to making our section even better. As most of you know by now we have a new Section Manager, Bob Wiseman WB3W. In addition to my other duties I am now the Section Traffic Manager (STM). I have some big shoes to fill as my friend and previous STM, Scott Walker N3SW did a great job. On January 1st, George Miller W3GWM will take over as Net Manager of the EPAEPTN net. Everyone please give George your support and NCS get your net reports to him in a timely fashion.

I would like to recognize a few stations who have done a great job. W3GWM George who is also a Digital Rep, 3RN rep. Thanks George for bringing traffic to the net. KB3BAA who has been in the hospital, has been a real traffic hound taking a lot of our left over traffic. Don WK2RP, also has been taking and receiving traffic, thanks Don.


EPAEPTN 233 87 30
EATN 2 6 1
CATN 37 11 30

W3GWM 223
N3AS 5
KB3LR 69

As you can see from the list above, I didn’t get a lot of reports. If you handled traffic please get me the reports.

My goals for next year is to improve traffic handling in our section. George W3GWM and I are in agreement that we need more training. So we will start a training program on the EPAEPTN, mostly when traffic is light.

EPAEPTN is our section net and while some folks don’t check in they may be monitoring. This is especially true for those with technician class license. So we need to follow proper net procedures so as to get everyone started on the right path.

Several issues and complaints have been acknowledged recently.

1. NCS being too long winded, during comments time carrying a dialog with each net participant. Remember the NCS job is to move traffic and keep the net flowing. The net should not run over 20 minutes or so unless traffic is being passed. When the net runs over, comments are not necessary, just close the net.

2. No comments till traffic is passed.

3. Wait till you are acknowledged before transmitting. I have see when relays are necessary 3 or 4 folks jumping in to help. If NCS calls for relay, just give your suffix and wait to be acknowledged.

4. There is a continuing problem of traffic not being delivered when there are check ins on the net. I have heard some stations 10 miles from a destination and not taking traffic. The carrying over of traffic till the next day is unacceptable when there are checkins on the net. NCS, if no volunteers to take the traffic, pick a station that is checked in. Remember its a traffic net. If you do not know how to handle traffic, speak up we will provide training and guidance. Our NCS stations are very knowledgeable.

5. All stations should send me their SAR/PSHR report. I’ve heard stations taking traffic and not submitting reports. We need those reports.


I would like to recognize our NCS on PTN. Ron K3MIY (our Net Manager), Dave K3TX, Scott N3SW and Dudley WA3JXW have been doing a great job especially considering the digital QRM we get on our frequency. A plus for CW, it’s not very often any traffic is carried over till the next night.

PTN checkins include: K3MIY, K3TX,AF4NC, N3AAK, W3RT, NE3I, N3SW, WA3JXW,K3ZYK, KB3LR, KW3U, WA3WAW . Thanks to everyone for checking in.

With the new band plan request by the ARRL, its hoped it will solve our QRM we get from the digital stations.

Here in lower Buck County we have the following stations representing EPA on the PTN net: K3TX, N3AAK, W3RT, AF4NC . We need additional checkins and liaison stations to 3rn. 3rn meets at 1945 local time on 3557 KHZ and at 2130 local time on 3557 KHZ.