New Hams Q&A Session at Cumberland EOC

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Submitted by W3HMS:

SMRA (South Mountain Radio Amateurs) is pleased to announce an evening session devoted entirely to the interest and needs of new amateur radio operators in getting on the air.

We will convene at 1830 on Thursday 3 Mar 16 in the large Conference Room of the Cumberland County EOC just across from the Prison which is to the east of Carlisle. We plan to end at 2030.

There is a fee, but not in money. Each “ ticket”, of which we have 40 (really seats) will cost 1 or 2 short questions which we will use to focus our coverage on the points of interest among the attenders.

We can use questions OR TOPICS… might like to suggest we address, for example: "Your 1st 2 m QTH or car antenna"……"Your 1st Two Meter Transceiver"…….."What do you talk about on your 1st QSO"…….."What do you look for in a HF transceiver".

The attenders should be licensed hams or working on getting a license.

We also want to have the maximum in dialogue among the presenters and the attenders as learning is the sole objective. To the question, “why do we do this”, the answer is simply “for the love of the hobby”!!!

To facilitate learning, we want to see plenty of pens and note taking among all who attend.

Please send your name, call letters if held, and questions which will be acknowledged. The acknowledgement EMAIL will be your ticket. Please send no later than 18 Feb 16 to w3HMS.

Please pass this EMAIL far and wide among your ham colleagues and clubs for there are no geographic limits, only 40 seats. The 1st forty responders with questions get the tickets; all others will be so advised.

The presenters will be Don Evans, KB3VAX, Club President, Bob Raker, W0BR, and John Jaminet, W3HMS.

For the Presenters, 73, John, W3HMS, 1 Feb 2016

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