New Eastern Pennsylvania District 5 District Emergency Coordinator

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Ralph Brandt, K3HQI, has accepted the position as the District 5 District Emergency Coordinator. Ralph brings a tremendous amount of experience to the position including Search and Rescue, involvement with the Fire Services, long experience with local government, and a great attitude. He is already planning his visits to District 5 clubs and getting to know the people. That is if there is any left in those counties that don’t already know him.

Ralph is also the Chair for the South Central Task Force’s Amateur Radio Working Group and his appointment as DEC dovetails well with that work.

Ralph is taking over the position from Phil Theis, K3TUF, who has decided he has other pursuits that need his attention. Phil did a wonderful job for me and was a big help as I was getting my feet wet as the SEC. If you see Phil be sure to thank him for his good work.

This appointment was held up while Ralph had some shoulder surgery. He needed to get his pitching arm back in shape. Just kidding but he did need to get his typing back up to snuff. It is and Ralph is now on board.

District 5 covers the following counties in Eastern PA:

Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, Perry, and York.

The ECs for those counties can start sending their monthly reports to Ralph beginning in January 2017. The December reports can be sent directly to me.

When you see Ralph or talk to him on the air be sure to congratulate him on his DEC position and offer to work with him. He’d like that.