New ARES Emergency Coordinators In EPA

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Catching up on some long overdue and some not so overdue announcements here.

New Emergency Coordinator in Chester County:

Andy Cooper, K3JSE, has taken over the reins of the Chester County ARES (CCARES) from Wil Emmons, K3WIL. With a very smooth transition K3JSE has stepped up and assumed the position of EC.

K3WIL has retired from the EC position but I am sure he will be around so that Andy can tap his vast knowledge base. I do want to say that Wil did a great job as the EC and that both K3ITH, District 1 DEC, and I appreciated all his hard work.

After interviewing K3JSE, K3ITH said “I think he is going to be a good one!” That is a sentiment that I echo after my interview with Andy.

Andy now leads up a great group of people in Chester County and I am sure that their cooperation will make Andy a success as the Chester County EC.

New Emergency Coordinator in Tioga County…

This past week I had the pleasure of traveling to Tioga County to present a talk on ARES and ACS to the Tioga County ARC. Present at the meeting was Benton Best, who is the new Emergency Management Coordinator for Tioga County. Benton expressed the need for an active ACS organization for Tioga County with support from all the Amateur Radio Operators in the county.

I do want to say that working with Benton, for the short time that I did, is he is pro-Amateur Radio. It was a real pleasure interacting with him.

Our very long time EC, Mike Wilson, NM3O, decided to step down as the EC in favor of an Assistant EC position in charge of the Amateur Radio Nets in Tioga County. Mike has done excellent work since his appointment in 2002 and I and the rest of the ARES leadership appreciate his time and efforts. Mike’s personal commitments require him to concentrate on what he does best and that is the nets. With Mike doing this the nets are in very good hands.

The new EC for Tioga County is Ralph Roloson, KB3IPT, who was simultaneously appointed the Tioga ACS Officer. Ralph is a dedicated and active Amateur Radio Operator and loves doing public service work. I think that he will be an excellent fit with Benton and an excellent fit for Tioga County ARES.

KB3IPT immediately said that he was keeping the ARES staff intact with Mike taking care of the Nets and Gary Goodreau, N3QNG, as his Assistant EC for administration.

It was a long day for me but it was very rewarding seeing the successful change of leadership for Tioga County and to meet and greet all my friends at the Tioga County Amateur Radio Club. If you are ever in Wellsboro, PA, take time to visit them if you can.

So congratulations to K3JSE in Chester County and KB3IPT in Tioga County.

Thanks to both of them for stepping up to the plate and taking the job.