New ARES Emergency Coordinator for Lackawanna County, PA

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A county that has not had an ARES Emergency Coordinator now has one.

Mark Krzan, N3MBK, has agreed to accept the position of ARES Emergency Coordinator for Lackawanna County.

Mark has extensive experience in emergency communications having been a 911 dispatcher and in his new position with area hospitals. Mark is the owner and operator of a DMR repeater in the Scranton area as well as an APRS station.

Mark has actually gotten your EPA SEC interested enough in DMR to try it out. Wonders will never cease.

Mark’s term has started effective December 10, 2016. Any interested amateur radio operator in Lackawanna County who wants to register with ARES should contact Mark at his email address: or contact the EPA Section Emergency Coordinator at who will pass on your request.

The duties of the County Emergency Coordinator can be found at:

The County Emergency Coordinator is the linchpin in the ARES organization. It is a big job and I am glad to have Mark taking over the reins in Lackawanna County.