Need Help with RFI Problem

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We have a Ham in southeast PA who is reaching out for assistance in helping him resolve an RFI problem.

Ron, NY3J lives in Bensalem, down near Philadelphia, and has been experiencing an ongoing noise problem on 80 meters both day and night. The noise is a solid S9 and sometimes jumps up to 20dB over S9.

He, along with help from Barry, K3EUI, have been trying to find the source and think they have it isolated to a utility pole with dangling guy wires. They have contacted PECO electric who said they would look into it.

Although they think this is the source of the noise interference they are asking if their is anyone else in the area with more experience to assist them.

Ron is a net control station on a NBEMS 80 meter net, and resolving this problem would really make a difference with his net control function.

If you, or someone you know can offer assistance send me an email at my address, or contact Ron or Barry direct — you can get their email address at