Just one of many emails to League officials on K3RF being disqualified.

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From: Tom Mills AF4NC <af4nc@msn.com>
Date: August 26, 2017 at 5:03:02 PM EDT
To: k5ur@arrl.org, k0gw@arrl.org, n5zgt@arrl.org, ny2rf@arrl.org, k5uz@arrl.org, wa8efk@arrl.org, n2ybb@arrl.org, w6rgg@arrl.org, n2zz@arrl.org
Subject: Director Election

To all Leadership Officials ARRL

Having been a life member of the ARRL for a long time, and an active amateur since 1968 I have seen a lot of changes take place in amateur radio. Being a membership based organization, our directors have always been elected by the membership and has been our voice in Newington.

The upcoming election in the Atlantic Division, in particular the nomination of our current vice director, Bob Famiglio K3RF, being disqualified is beyond disbelief. With the other hand picked folks it appears to me that we members are no longer being represented.

I know Bob Famiglio and have always found him to be of the highest ethical standards and has always conducted not only himself, but the ARRL in the highest regards.

Please explain to me what he did to become disqualified so that our membership can be made aware of it.


Tom Mills AF4NC