Invitation – MCARS Simulated Emergency Test Thursday, 11/10, and Friday, 11/11

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The following is being posted for the Montgomery County ARES/RACES Service.

They are holding their annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET) on November 10 and 11. Details are below. If you can join in and “show the colors” that would be a great thing.


Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Service / Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service


2016 Simulated Emergency Test

November 10, 11,12, 2016


Tuesday November 8, leadership will issue 2016 SET announcement involving a winter Noreaster weather event that is expected to impact the area. The announcement will be sent via to all MCAR members.

Thursday November 10, 2016 1100 hours, Local Time -Leadership Team Activates Net and makes RSAN and other modes of notifications to MCAR regarding the anticipated simulated weather emergency, suggests shelter in place preparations including, contact with respective community Served Agencies, continued monitoring for future updates and announces future nets and update schedules.

The following will be the methods of communications to be utilized in order of priority.

  1. 2 Meter Analog Repeater AA3E, 146.835 TX 146.235 RX, 88.5 hz tone
  2. 6 Meter Analog Repeater W3PHL/PARA 53.410 Mhz TX/52.410 RX, 131.8 Hz tone
  3. 2 Meter Analog Simplex on 146.835
  4. 75 Meters HF, 3993.500 KHz, Lower Sideband
  5. 10 Meter HF, 28.410 MHz, Upper Sideband

All stations are encouraged to monitor all 5 frequencies throughout the SET. It is anticipated that power losses will cause interruption of repeater operations.

In addition to the RF systems listed above, all stations are requested to connect to the AA3E Teamspeak server. Instructions for installation of this utility are located in the file section of the AA3E group in The utility is available for all cell phone platforms and works through the cellular networks.

Thursday November 10, 2016, 1700 Local -First Update, instructions and assignments from MCAR Leadership. MCAR Operators/Stations instructed to be prepared to report at 1900 local time during regularly scheduled net time, their station capabilities specifically, station frequency band capabilities, emergency power capacity for HF and VHF, and digital mode capabilities, as well as all Served Agencies contacted.

Friday November 11 at 1200, 1600, and 1900, Interim Nets and updates will occur.

The SET terminates at the end of the 1900 net.

Saturday November 12, 1000 local time regularly scheduled MCAR meeting will take place at the Eagleville EOC to conduct a debrief of the SET.