EPAEPTN Net Moving Back to 6PM on March 12th

W3GWM, Net Manager for the Eastern Pennsylvania Emergency Phone and Traffic Net, announced that effective March 12th the net will move back to its normal time of 6:00PM or 1800hrs Local.

March 12th is the day that Daylight Saving Time comes into effect this year and with that added time propagation should be better at 6:00PM.

W3GWM will send out another reminder about the time change and I’ll be sure to post it here.

On a traffic handling note: Many counties are beginning to train on handling message traffic using voice. Training is coming to the Monroe County Emergency Services Net. The Monroe County ARES Emergency Coordinator commented that their last meeting featured a traffic handling training session by his OES, WK2RP.

No matter what form is used, the ARRL Radiogram or the ICS-213, the procedures and common sense method of sending the message remains the same. Practice handling messages using voice. The practice will make it easier when the time comes to do it for real.

The EPAEPTN currently meets on 3917kHz at 5:3PM Eastern Time and will move to 6:00PM on that frequency on March 12th. Try it out. They are a fun bunch and do some good work.