EPA-ARRL’s Liaison to Scouting program is a Go!

EPA-ARRL’s Liaison to Scouting program is a Go!

Please welcome Tim Gelvin K3TEG as PIO to the Boy Scouts of America Susquehanna Council and Drew McLuckie W3ZW as PIO to the BSA’s Cradle of Liberty Council.  Both men have strong ties with their fellow scouts and adult scouters and begin this new assignment with a “bang!”  This is thanks to the great work they are doing already.  Tim organized amateur radio for the Klondike Derby and Drew set up a radio station for the cubs of Pack 284.

EPA has many dedicated and capable scouters in our membership.  Who’s will be our next volunteer Liaison to Scouting?

The EPA Liaison to Scouting program welcomes all scouting movement programs in our thirty-four country territory.  Amateur radio and scouting share one hundred years of adventure and being prepared, going back to 1918 when the League helped develop the original Wireless Merit Badge.

Scouting organizations benefit from a single point of contact to the ARRL’s educational and operations programs in the field organization.  Whether you need a radio merit badge counselor, crystal radio demonstrations to your cubs, participate in our Neighborhood Radio Watch initiative or want to join one of our many public service radio networks at marathons, bike races, or parades, your ARRL Liaison to Scouting is your personal ambassador to Amateur Radio.

Informative links on ARRL scouting programs:

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