ARRL Volunteers heading to Puerto Rico

The ARRL has 50 volunteers heading down to Puerto Rico with “HamAid” kits to assist the American Red Cross get information OUT of that island. They are leaving on a chartered flight from Atlanta today.

Their primary mission will be to support the American Red Cross Safe & Well site with input provided via outbound WinMOR and voice messages.

In addition the International SATERN SSB Net (Salvation Army) has been asked to assist these operators if they check in to the Net with tactical, Health & Welfare and Safe & Well messages.

It is important to note that this 50 person ARRL group and the SATERN International SSB Net and are NOT accepting Health & Welfare Inbound messages (That is, Health & Welfare Messages inquiries going to people inside an impacted area).

Inbound Health & Welfare Inquiries should be referred to any one or all of the following resources:

  1. American Red Cross Safe & Well program at: )
  2. An email to the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) at: maria1(at)prfaa(dot)pr(dot)gov
    Because of the high volume being received, PRFAA is asking each person to send only ONE email with NO follow–up emails. PRFAA is doing the best it can under incredibly difficult circumstances.
  3. For the Island Nation of Dominica, Inbound inquiries are being accepted by the Caribbean Emergency Weather Net (CEWN) at: WelfareDominica(at)CEWN(dot)org

Because of all the publicity Ham Radio is getting because of the various news articles the League sent out an advisory last night on how to address inquiries  (See separate post on this site titled