Amateur Radio Scouting award

Our Section Emergency Coordinator, W. T. Jones, WN3LIF, recently traveled to Selinsgrove, PA, and attended the Boy Scout’s Susquehanna Council’s Seven Bridges District Recognition Dinner.


The interrelationship between Scouting and Amateur Radio has been a long one. If you pick up any of the old amateur radio journals you will see young boys in their campaign hats and leggings working around radios of the time and usually in an outdoor setting.The photo to the left is Lord Robert Baden-Powell who was the founder of the International Boy Scout Movement. And as just a bit of American Pride here, he wears a campaign hat that he adopted after being shown it by an American Scout during the African Campaigns.

Well the reason for W. T. heading to Selinsgrove was to present an award to one of our EPA Section Amateurs. The Award was the Amateur Radio Service to Scouting. It is not one of those awards that is just a piece of paper on the wall. It is something that has to be earned. The requirements require a healthy knowledge of Amateur Radio and a strong interaction with Scouting. The ARRL makes the award but the recommendation has to come from Boy Scouts. So the applicant has to convince both organizations of his worthiness for the award.

Tim Gelvin, K3TEG, has been involved with Scouting for many years and it is a passion for him. He brings his passion for Scouting to Amateur Radio. He speaks of his young charges with a fatherly tone. He has also done yeoman service for ARES by being the AEC for Northumberland County.

Congratulations to K3TEG for his achievement…