New PA QSO Management

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The management of the PA QSO Party is being transitioned from the Nittany Amateur Radio Club to the PA QSO Party Organization.  It was officially announced this week with this statement:

We are pleased to announce that the Pennsylvania QSO Party has a new home. The PA QSO Party Association (PA QSO PA) has been selected by Nittany ARC to continue the tradition of The Friendliest QSO Party.
We would like to thank the Nittany ARC for being the sponsor of The Pennsylvania QSO Party for the past 52 years, and especially with Mike, N3LI, as the Chairman for the past 13 years. The PA QSO Party Association is made up of participants of the Party who have a vision to carry the Party into the future and we are grateful to have been selected as the organization to which the torch is being passed. While the PA QSO PA is still firming things up, be assured that the event will still be occurring each year, including 2018, on the second full weekend of October, just as it always has been with the same starting and finishing times. Additional organizational details of both the PA QSO PA and the Party will be forthcoming shortly. Please check our new and quickly changing website at (or for Party information. Thank you for your patience during this transition.
73, – PA QSO Party Association