13 Colonies Special Event: 7/1-7

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2019 theme: Forts of the Revolution
Event Dates / July 1 (9AM Eastern) to July 7 (Midnight Eastern)
(July 1, 2019-1300 UTC to July 8, 2019-0400 UTC)

From July 1st through July 7th members of the Holmesburg, Phil-Mont, and Pottstown Area Amateur Radio Clubs, and the Philadelphia Digital Radio Association will celebrate Independence Week from the city where independence was declared, Philadelphia, PA. They will be operating a special event station using the club call WM3PEN. Amateur radio stations operating from the original 13 colonies will also be on the air.

Learn more: http://www.13colonies.net
Holmesburg ARC page for 13 Colonies and WM3PEN: http://www.harcnet.org/independence.htm

13 Colonies 2019 certificate image

The 13 Colony Special Event will be offering a certificate for contacting participating stations. You do not need all 13 Colonies to get a certificate. When you work WM3PEN make a note on the 13 colony log sheet and you will get an “Liberty Bell” endorsement with the WM3PEN call place on the certificate. 

WM3PEN will be offering a full color QSL card for 2019, and to get it, send an SASE, or Green Stamp ($1) with your QSL to WM3PEN. Use the address for WM3PEN at QRZ.COM. You can also QSL via the bureau. SWLs may send a confirmation of reception to request a QSL card. Simply indicate the stations making contact with WM3PEN, time, frequency, and your receiving equipment. SWL stations should follow the same mailing instructions. 

WM3PEN logs are uploaded to LoTW and EQSL(ag). D-STAR and Fusion contacts will not be uploaded.